Artistic Photography and Mixed Media

Light painting and other experimental photography, digital art, paintings and mixed media. Prints and canvasses available, contact me to order.

Fire spinning in Tring Park
Human statue
Fire spinning with wire wool
Digital fractal art. Fractals in the sky over trees
Digital fractal flower
Digital fractal art
Double exposure picture horse and trees
Ink in water art
Elephant in space art
Penguin flying over Leaning Tower of Pisa
Light painting writing for an album cover by Jon Kennedy
Light painting orb
Butterfly art
Bee art
Barn Owl watercolour art
Light painting with sparks
Bird skeleton art
Light painting with fire
Composite image, space over Jersey
Land art using mushrooms
Light painting with sparklers
Ink portrait
Light painting over water
Ink hair
Ink in water art
Ink in water
Double exposure portrait
VW Campervan watercolour
Beetle watercolour painting
USB baby
Car sinking in water
Light painting portrait
Ink in water art
Lizard watercolour painting
Turtle watercolour painting
Siamese Fighting Fish watercolour painting
Animated gif portrait
Animated Mandala
Psychedelic animated portrait
Animated fire performer gif
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