Prints are made on quality crystal archive paper in gloss. If you would like matt finish please contact me.

Canvas prints are mounted on solid wood frames and ready to hang.

Worldwide shipping.

Other images on my website, facebook etc available on request. Feel free to send me a message.

Hot Reflections is an abstract light painting picture.
Hot Reflections
St Peter & St Paul Church, Newport Pagnell. Photographed at night, with startrails rotating around the pole star.
Newport Pagnell Church by Night
Long exposure tree photograph.
Trees at night
Milky Way picture.
Milky Way
Peace Pagoda at Willen Lake lit by moonlight.
Moonlit Pagoda
Composite picture. Beach I shot in Jersey, and The Andromeda Galaxy by NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope.
Andromeda Galaxy over Jersey
Newport Pagnell Fireworks. Shot from the other side of the iron bridge, with the fireworks reflecting in the river.
Newport Pagnell Fireworks
Picture of the Newport Pagnell Fireworks and Iron Bridge.
Newport Pagnell Fireworks and Iron Bridge
Milton Keynes fireworks display 2017
Milton Keynes Fireworks 2017