Wildlife and Macro Photography

Prints and canvasses of my wildlife and macro pictures are available on request, and in my shop.

Fly on leaf. Macro picture
Snail looking out of shell
Damselfly macro picture
Bee covered in pollen
Passion Flower close up
Signal crayfish picture
Grasshopper macro picture
Passion Flower Stigma with pollen grains
Jumping Spider macro picture
Honey bee
Centre of a flower
Shield Bug
Red Beetle on a leaf. Macro photograph
Rufous-shouldered Longhorn Beetle
Weevils mating
Green caterpillar eating
Common Toad
Dear fighting
Macro picture of a Bumblebee head
Bird taking off from water
Common Darter
Bumblebee nest
Goose washing
Macro picture of a fly face
Great Crested Grebe
Lesser Stag Beetle
Bee Fly
Owls head